Narciso - Vase Cerchio

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Modern vase Cerchio - Petite Friture
  • Modern vase Cerchio - Petite Friture
  • Modern vase Cerchio - Petite Friture
  • Modern vase Cerchio Narciso - Petite Friture


Vase Cerchio
Giorgia Zanellato

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NARCISO, the result of Giorgia Zanellato's graduation project at ECAL, is a set of two modern vases, each of which plays on different aspects. One is appreciated when placed on a high surface, almost expanding the mass of flowers. The other is shown to a better advantage when placed on a coffee table with a plunging view of the flowers, highlighting their beauty.
The polymirror gives the flowers a veiled and poetic reflection. NARCISO fades evoke the myth of Narcissus.

Narciso Narciso
Collection Narciso
Giorgia Zanellato

Born in Venice in 1987, Giorgia Zanellato received her Bachelor’s degree at IUAV University in September of 2009. In October 2009, she moved to Switzerland at ECAL University where she received her Master’s Degree in Product Design in July of 2011, with her project «Narciso Collection». In November of 2011, she returned to Italy to join the «Fabrica» team, the Benetton Research Center where she is presently engaged as a product designer. Giorgia also works as a freelance designer for several companies and galleries ; her products have been exhibited in international fairs and exhibitions.

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