Fromme - Lounge armchair - Blue

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Lounge armchair - Blue
Tom Chung

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Lounge armchair in aluminum Blue

For Tom Chung’s first collaboration with Petite Friture he created the Fromme collection, released in 2020. Now just a year later, the collection is joined by five new designs – three seats and two tables.

The Fromme armchair is an ergonomically designed lounge armchair that incorporates the technical aspects often found in bicycle seat such as the shock absorbers placed under the seat plate. But the race-bike inspired design goes further: streamlined curves are present throughout the entire Fromme collection. A comfortable designer chair, it is available in five colours: blue, black, mint green, coral, and brown red.

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ENVIRONMENT : Indoor & Outdoor


Compliant with EN 581-1; EN581-2 for Contract use


Seat, back and legs :

  • Aluminum
  • Matte grained anti UV powder coating for outdoor

L: 61 cm | 24inch
D : 58 cm I 23 inch
H : 71 cm I 28 inch
H (seat) : 40 cm I 16 inch
Weight :5,9kg I 13lb



Compliant with EN 581-1; EN581-2 for Contract use



Clean with a soft, lint-free cloth lightly moistened with alcoholic window cleaner.

Do not use abrasive or metallic sponge or scouting powder or any other detergent.

Fromme Fromme
Collection Fromme
Tom Chung

Tom Chung est un designer industriel canadien indépendant qui a créé son studio en 2016 à Toronto. Son studio se concentre principalement sur les objets industriels et les espaces d'intérieur. 

Son travail a reçu une forte reconnaissance. Il fut finaliste de la Design Parade en 2013. En 2018, il a été nommé Designer Produit de l'année par Designlines Magazine. La qualité de finition de son travail a été soulignée par le Wallapaper Design Award en 2019 pour la "Best Finish Touch".

Sa collaboration avec Petite Friture s'est développée autour de la chaise Fromme qui nourrit son inspiration de l'attrait de Tom Chung pour le cyclisme.

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The Fromme armchair, a light outdoor lounge chair built to last

Made from assembled die-cast and shaped parts, and extruded tubes specially designed by Tom Chung for the collection, the outdoor lounge chair has a robust, lightweight structure. Petite Friture pieces are designed in a way that is sustainable and environmentally friendly, which is why the whole collection is made of an easily recyclable material: aluminium.

The Fromme collection has numerous practical features: the slightly curved seat mounted atop a set of shock absorbers provides added comfort; the aluminium structure coated in UV-resistant textured matte paint are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The Fromme outdoor lounge chair can be stacked 4-highis water resistant, and certified for intensive outdoor use.