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Shelley Steer

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The DOTS pattern was created through the exploration of the form and action of expressing dots with graphite. Pressure and placement combine to create a leaf motif, which is then layered and put into a repeating pattern. The DOTS pattern is declined in wallpapers and cushions

Dots Dots
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Shelley Steer

Shelley Steer is a textile designer and illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. Since graduating from a Bachelor of Arts (Textile Design) at RMIT, Australia, she has continued to develop, explore and refine her craft, always seeking to express a fresh aesthetic. Working with a variety of clients worldwide, her work sits comfortably within the interior, fashion and graphic disciplines. A strong natural influence can be seen throughout her designs, living organisms and natural forms often combine to create intricate patterns and worlds. Having recently returned home after living in London for the past two years, she is happily settling into her new studio in Collingwood, Melbourne.