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Constance Guisset

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Wall mirror

PANACHE is a mirror that is mischievously elegant with exaggerated shape. In an new twist on a timeless element of our interiors, the mirror is adorned with colourful tassels. Three set of two tassels are included: black, blue and gold. They invite you to transform this object to suit you. A delicate circle with darted edges, the mirror in available in three sizes

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  • Jacquered mirror, silk tassel blue/black/gold

interchangeable tassels kit (duo of 2 tassels available in 3 colours: blue, black, gold)


Small mirror :
L: 42 cm | 16.5 inch
H: 37 cm | 14.6 inch
POIDS: 1 kg | WEIGHT: 2.2 lb

L: 57 cm | 22.4 inch
W: 63 cm | 24.8 inch
H: 4 cm | 1.6 inch
POIDS: 4.2 kg | WEIGHT: 9.3 lb

Medium mirror
L: 50 cm | 19.7 inch
H: 58 cm | 22.8 inch
POIDS: 2 kg | WEIGHT: 4.4 lb

L: 78 cm | 70.1 inch
W: 70 cm | 27.6 inch
H: 4 cm | 1.6 inch
POIDS: 6.4 kg | WEIGHT: 14.1 lb

Large mirror
L: 37 cm | 14.6 inch
H: 112 cm | 44.1 inch
POIDS: 3 kg | WEIGHT: 6.6 lb

L: 59 cm | 23.2 inch
W: 130 cm | 51.2 inch
H: 4 cm | 1.6 inch
POIDS: 8.8 kg | WEIGHT: 19.4 lb



  • Remove the tassels
  • Clean with a soft, lint-free cloth lightly moistened with alcoholic window cleaner
  • Do not use abrasive or metallic sponge or scouring powder or any other detergent
Panache Panache
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Constance Guisset

Born in 1976, Constance Guisset lives and works in Paris. Constance Guisset is a French designer with an original story. After studying economics and business at ESSEC and IEP in Paris, followed by a year in the parliament in Tokyo she chose to focus on design. In 2007 she graduated from ENSCI - Les Ateliers and founded her studio. She quickly earned recognition through winning prizes such as the Grand Prix du Design de la ville de Paris in 2008, the public prize at the Design Parade in Villa Noailles 2009, and finally in 2010 both the designer of the year at Maison et Objet, and the Audi Talent Awards. Her different research paths have led her to work with Petite Friture, Fontana Arte and Molenti amongst others for product design.In addition she has worked with Angelin Preljocaj, Established & Sons and Galeries Lafayette notably working with the latter on scenography, and has worked with video for Le Musee des Arts Decoratif and the design Biennale in Saint-Etienne.


Mischievous mirror

Panache, adorned with its colored tassels, is a mirror with mischievous elegance and exacerbated forms