The parrot table safely lands @Mille Feuilles

The parrot table safely lands @Mille Feuilles

Not far from Switzerland, the new restaurant Mille Feuilles, decorated by interior designer Claude Cartier, is anything but neutral. It boldly defies the rules of hospitality, taking a free and creative journey through nature.

The PARROT table, by India Mahdavi, breaks down the rules of material and patterns – the striking colours of the enamelled table tops and the blood orange stands fill the space like a flock of tropical birds!

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With elegance and sophistication, India Mahdavi signs a series of two tables, called PARROT. The glazed steel tabletop resonates with the elaborately drawn table leg. Dynamism emanates through the subtle colors, the tabletop contrasts with the orange-red epoxy painted table leg. Used by itself or as a set, the PARROT tables fit perfectly to every kind of interior or exterior.