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Extra-large mirror-coffee table

Constance Guisset

The extra-large FRANCIS mirror-coffee table revisits an iconic Petite Friture mirror, exploring the horizontal plane. 

The original mirror design from 2012 by Constance Guisset has been combined with ceremonial shapes to become a mirror-coffee table that brings poetry and design into any living-room. The extra-large format turns FRANCIS into a true statement piece.

This piece received the Stylepark Selected Award at the 2019 Salone del Mobile.

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The FRANCIS mirror-bar table is a new take on the original mirror designed in 2012 by Constance Guisset. Now laid flat, the mirror turns whole notion of reflection on its head, bringing a stunningly poetic perspective to interior design.

The idea for the FRANCIS mirror came from coloured pigments blooming out from a paintbrush dipped into water – even more evocative now in its horizontal form. 

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  • More infos

    More informations about tall FRANCIS mirror-table:

    Black, watercolour in blue and violet
    White, watercolour in yellow and green

    Laminated tempered glass mirror, steel, epoxy paint

    Made in France

    SIZE :
    Width: 75 cm
    Height: 36 cm
    Diameter: 75 cm

    WEIGHT: 8kg

    Hassle-free cleaning with a soft cloth
    The extra-large Francis mirror-coffee table is a single piece; its upper surface is made out of Sécurit glass.