Extra-large mirror Francis
  • Armchair Hoff - Mortens and Jonas

    Hoff Armchair

  • pendant lamp Mediterranea

    Mediterranea pendant light

  • Table lamp Unseen - Studio

    Unseen table lamp

  • Metal chair Fromme - Tom Chung

    Fromme Chair

Mediterranea pendant lamp Mediterranea pendant lamp
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  • Patères Bubble - bulles de savon


  • Table basse Tavla


  • pendant lamp Mediterranea

    Pendant lamps

  • Lighting - Petite Friture


  • Upholstered chair Fromme

    Chairs & armchairs

Pendant light Vertigo - Constance Guisset (2) Pendant light Vertigo - Constance Guisset (2)


Founded 10 years ago by Amélie du Passage, Petite Friture creates singular and sustainable collections.

Each project is born of an intuitive and optimistic encounter between editor, emerging and established designers and demanding manufacturers.

Its vocation: to arouse emotions that send out vibrations through time and space.

From an effervescent blend comes a sense of drive, a desire to work towards something sincere.
The same sincerity that imbues Petit Friture’s belief and commitment to a more sustainable, transparent, respectful future of open dialogue.

Petite Friture is more than just a design editor, it is a state of mind grounded in trust and generosity.

Its ambition is to create virtuous beauty that will last for many years to come.


Petite Friture Manifesto