Jungle Wallpaper - Black on White

Price $320.00

Wallpaper Jungle - White on Black

Price $320.00

Jungle Wallpaper - Ink on white

Price $320.00

Jungle Wallpaper - Copper on White

Price $320.00

Creating a wall decor with our stylish contemporary designer wallpapers

Add character to your interior with our selection of modern wallpapers. The contemporary linear graphics of our designs will enhance your living spaces. Let your imagination run free! Embark on an adventure with our tropical Jungle wallpaper. Its dense foliage motif brings a lush, natural feel to your interior. The leafage of its wild, exuberant forest exudes a kind of mystery, daring you to draw back the palm and banana leaves to reveal what lies behind. Our Jungle wallpaper has character, and can beautifully decorate a bedroom, a lounge, or an office room. Soar the heavens with our Variations wallpaper. Its delicate pattern spans two lengths of paper to create a cloudy reverie.

Applying our non-woven wallpaper

Our high-end wallpaper is flame resistant. For greater practicality, our wallpapers are non-woven.
To hang patterned wallpaper, make sure you check which way it should be applied, and where you need to hang the first length. Next, you’ll need to prep your walls; they should be clean and dry.
Smear the glue onto your walls – not the wallpaper – and then apply the first length, making sure it’s nice and straight. To help you get your lengths aligned, you can trace a line down the wall as a reference.
Smooth out the surface from top to bottom and from the middle to the outer edges of the length. For a finished look, use a sponge to remove any excess glue.

Calculating how many lengths of wallpaper you’ll need

To determine the number of lengths you’ll need, you can write to our customer service team at [email protected] Don’t forget to specify the dimensions of the walls you want to cover, and the reference number of the contemporary designer wallpaper you’ve chosen.