Beauty that resonates, surprises, and uplifts. The Petite Friture way.


Petite Friture seeks forms of expression infused with sensitivity and poetry. Each collection is a door to escape into a dream.
Not forgetting the feisty, quirky, and sometimes surreal undertones that make the band stand out and are the hallmarks of its unique style.
Each collection is a story waiting to be lived.
For the past 10 years, Petite Friture has sought out objects that are daring, inspiring, and unusual. Otherness. With every collection comes an invitation to embark upon a new dreamland journey.

Emulsion collective - Petite Friture Transversalité - Petite Friture

The collaborative emuLsion


At Petite Friture, we would like create a collaborative emulsion between complementary talents, animated by a vision and sharing a requirement/demand, life the value of Petite Friture and who recognize themself into his state of mind.
Create meeting, trust, encourage explorations, collaborate into a transversal and iterative way. More than an editor, Petite Friture affimre his state of mind.



Transversalité - Petite Friture Emulsion collective - Petite Friture



Cross-cutting endeavours, that is the Petite Friture modus operandi: orchestrating encounters, building bridges, exploring new ideas. For example, it is about bringing together new design talents and professions to create a vibrant wall-paper range: textile designer, Tiphaine de Bodman, takes you a journey through a tropical forest with her ‘Jungle’ range; Leslie David, graphic designer, is behind the ‘constellation’ pattern; and illustrator Lisa Laubreaux, created the ‘Jetlag’ collection with its highly festive, bolds lines that set your imagination running.



Exigence - Petite Friture Exigence - Petite Friture

The demanding imperative


The demanding imperative of unearthing and fostering new talent, to the push the boundaries of creativity even further: the watercolour-inspired ‘Francis’ mirror-tables by Constance Guisset use laminating techniques to breath unique poetry into the collection.




Generosity exudes from every project and can be felt in series like the ‘Succession’ ceramics designed by Färg & Blanche and made by Revol. Not to be consumed in moderation. The full ‘Week-end’ collection of outdoor furniture by the Brichet-Ziegler studio is an open invitation to get together as many people as possible to share in and create fond memories. Utterly essential.

Unpretentious honesty


A value that is more than just a grand idea, it is the cement of a true ethos and attitude where meaning is everything. Pettie Friture is about focussing on the essentials.
In designing the ultra-thin metal indoor/outdoor ‘Fromme’ chair, Tom Chung drew on his own life story: avid cyclist, he sought to reproduce the same efficiency of design found in his road bike by placing shock absorbers under the seat plate, which now provides unequalled comfort. Familiar with the climb up Mount Fromme, just outside Vancouver, he had often marvelled at the technical prowess in the bike’s design.