Vertigo Nova Small Pendant lamp - Black/White

Price $1,995.00

Brush Large Pendant Light - Beetle

Price $1,655.00

Vertigo Medium Pendant light - Black

Price $1,465.00

Vertigo Medium Pendant light - Cobalt

Price $1,465.00

Vertigo Small Pendant Light - Black

Price $1,295.00

Vertigo Large Pendant light - Copper

Price $1,695.00

Vertigo Large Pendant light - Black

Price $1,695.00

Vertigo Medium Pendant light - White

Price $1,465.00

Vertigo Nova Medium Pendant lamp - Black/White

Price $2,145.00

Vertigo Medium Pendant light - Bronze

Price $1,465.00

Vertigo Medium Pendant light - Copper

Price $1,465.00

Vertigo Large Pendant light - White

Price $1,695.00

How do I choose my designer suspension light?

As much as a decorative piece as a mere source of light, suspension lights are often signature pieces. A few preliminary questions must first be answered before finding the best light: How big is the room and what atmosphere do you want to create? Will the chosen suspension light be the main source of light in the room or area?

• In open-plan kitchens, suspension lights can be hung above island benches. For example, the Cherry LED pendant lights, with their linear mount, will add a modern and fun touch to your home. Light up a dining table with the Mediterranea brass suspension light placed just above.

• For a contemporary living room, the Unseen, Vertigo Nova, Vertigo, or Lanterna suspension lights are all ideal for rooms with high ceilings. Each collection features adjustable cables so they can all adapt to the height of your room for something light and airy. Available in a variety of sizes, they are ideal for creating modern, striking compositions.

• In a bedroom, designer suspension lights can be used as either the main light or as accent lighting. For example, for something bold, place a small Cherry LED pendant on either side of the bed instead of a bed-side table lamp. If the outlet is located elsewhere in the room, have fun playing around with the lights cables as a decorative feature.

• For a warm welcome when guests arrive, a designer suspension light by the front door is bound to have the right effect. A chandelier like Unseen or Cherry LED are prefect for something more sculptural.