Francis Small Wall mirror - Blue Watercolour

Price $795.00

Francis Large Wall mirror - Blue Watercolour

Price $995.00

Francis extra-large mirror - Blue and Violet Watercolour

Price $2,995.00

Wander Medium mirror - Emerald /Cherry

Price $582.50

Wander Small mirror - Emerald/Cherry

Price $495.00

Wander Medium mirror - Purple-Brown-/red

Price $0.00

Francis Small Wall mirror - Pink Watercolour

Price $795.00

Francis Extra-large - Blue and Yellow Watercolour

Price $2,995.00

Francis Large Wall mirror - Pink Watercolour

Price $995.00

Wander Small mirror - Purple- Brown/red

Price $495.00

Wander Medium mirror - Vermilion/Khaki

Price $1,095.00

Wander Small mirror - Vermilion/Khaki

Price $495.00

Poetic yet functional wall mirrors

Although our Francis wall mirrors are decorative, they are also functional pieces. Our extra-large Francis mirror has a dreamy quality that makes an entrance hall look even bigger. Our stylish mirrors also effortlessly brighten up a dark interior. Thanks to the watercolour artwork, the mirrors double up as paintings that can liven up a living room, bedroom or bathroom.

In 2019, Petite Friture’s Francis mirrors were also produced as coffee tables, offering a different take on reflective expressions. The coffee tables also come in 3 sizes: small, large, and extra-large.

And just like all of Petite Friture’s decorative objects, the Francis wall mirrors were designed to be both elegant and functional, and to add a touch of liveliness to our customers’ living areas.