Fromme Rectangular Table - Mint green

Price $2,855.00

Fromme Square Table - Jade green

Price $1,200.00

Fromme Coffee Table - Pastel green

Price $1,125.00

Francis Small Mirror coffee table - Blue/Yellow Watercolour

Price $1,945.00

Francis Large Mirror coffee table - Blue/Violet Watercolour

Price $3,000.00

Francis Extra-Large Mirror coffee table - Blue/Yellow Watercolor

Price $4,500.00

Fromme Square Table - Glass green

Price $1,200.00

Fromme Square Table - Terracotta

Price $1,200.00

Fromme Square Table - Pastel green

Price $1,200.00

Fromme Square Table - Saffron

Price $1,200.00

Fromme Square Table - Red brown

Price $1,200.00

Fromme Square Table - Gold

Price $1,200.00

Choosing your Petite Friture design table

A table is often perceived as the centrepiece in a dining room, living room, or kitchen, and is always a part of the special times in your life. Around the table is where you and your loved ones gather to spend quality time together. In its quest to provide products that are both practical and aesthetic, Petite Friture offers elegant, solid tables made of wood or metal, in a minimalist design.

A central piece in every home, the table you choose should fulfil some practical requirements. The table you pick will depend on the space you have available, and on your needs.

For an extra convivial feel, go for a round table design. Round tables encourage conversation and give you more space. Our Unify and Tavla round wooden tables are ideal for sharing special moments with a fine few.

For dinner parties, we recommend a rectangular table. If you’re looking to host many guests, our extendable wooden Tavla table can seat 6 to 12 people, depending on whether it is pulled out or not. For a more industrial feel, consider our rectangular Fromme table, which draws its design inspiration from the world of cycling.

If it’s originality and boldness you’re after, then focus on table legs. Take a look at our Unify table’s perfectly proportioned legs, or those of our Parrot enamelled steel table – the name says it all.

Why not pair our selection of trendy tables with a striking yet functional crockery set to enhance your dining experience? Explore our rich and multifunctional range of tableware.