Quasar portable lamp - Sienna

Price $299.00

Quasar portable lamp - Emerald green

Price $299.00

Quasar portable lamp - Olive green

Price $299.00

Quasar portable lamp - Aluminium

Price $299.00

Quasar portable lamp - Black

Price $299.00

Outdoor portable lamps: light anywhere and everywhere

After its success with Vertigo Nova, Petite Friture soars off into the sky with the Quasar portable lamp. The light's name reflects the powerful light and shape of a quasar. A contraction of ‘quasi-stellar’, a quasar is an extremely bright supermassive black hole.
The portable Quasar lamp was designed to shine with a very bright light. Its luminous power has an input of 200Lm and an output (perceived light) of 150Lm. The light is also easily modulated for a wide range of possibilities. Quasar features three colours and three levels of intensity, that’s a total of nine different lights.

Readily portable, the Quasar outdoor-indoor lamp can be placed anywhere in your house.
• Inside, it is just as suited to being placed on a desk, in a living room for a personal touch, or on a bedside table in a child’s bedroom to help soften the ambiance.
• Outside, it brings light and joy to a courtyard, patio, or pool area, and goes hand in hand with the Weekend and Fromme garden furniture collections. The battery life and rope tie make the Quasar cordless lamp a truly portable light that can be placed wherever you need during the day or even hung from a pergola.