Shades of Time - Shades of Time - Panorama - Afternoon / Part 1

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Shades of Time

Shades of Time - Panorama - Afternoon / Part 1
Carole Baijings

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Color : Afternoon

Panorama Carole Baijings - Afternoon / Part 1

Carole Baijings reinvents the French stripe with transforming colors, creating a dynamic landscape in her wallpapers and panoramics. Within her range of wallpaper and panoramic designs, each vertical stripe embodies a color that morphs, while viewed collectively, the stripes unveil a moving landscape.

The vivid hues of the panoramic design evoke nature, offering a striking depth. As Carole Baijings explains, "similar to a painting, the perspective shifts with distance." The fluorescent accents, her distinctive hallmark, captivate the gaze and surprise, reminiscent of the freshness of spring flowers or the brightness of sunbeams.

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Papier intissé

L: 50 cm | 19.7 inch
H: 1000 cm | 394 inch
POIDS: 1.8 kg | WEIGHT:3.9 lb

L: 11 cm | 4.33 inch
H: 52cm | 20.47inch
POIDS: 1,9 kg | WEIGHT: 4.18 lb

Shades of Time Shades of Time
Collection Shades of Time
Carole Baijings

Infinitely more sophisticated than a simple two-tone creation, Carole Baijings has entirely reinvented the Iconic French stripes with a shifting colour palette. Through her range of wallpaper and panorama prints, each vertical stripe is a line of changing colours that create a moving landscape when viewed as a whole.


As in nature, the colour palette is alive and incandescent imbuing the panoramic view with an unusual sense of depth: "As with a painting, you don't see the same thing if you look at it up close or from afar." Carole Baijings' iconic signature, the flurries of fluorescent hues waken, excite, and catch one's gaze, like a flower in spring or a ray of light.


Carole Baijings, a unique collection of wallpapers.

This range combines a timeless geometric design with carefully selected colors, illuminated by fluorescent accents that catch the eye. The vertical stripes transform into individual colors, creating a captivating visual experience when seen together. The vibrant and ever-changing palette imparts an enchanting depth to the panoramas, reminding us that observation varies with distance, much like contemplating a work of art.