Furnished by the Constance Guisset studio, Ernest is a colourful hybrid space.



Located in central Paris, the heart of La Samaritaine beats to the flavours of Ernest, a bakery-cum-restaurant that pays tribute to the building’s founder: Ernest Cognacq.


This multifaceted place takes on the face of a warm coloured bakery during the day and becomes a bar at night.


A colourful staircase leads up to where a restaurant decked in hues of blue offers up a ‘bistronomy’ menu devised by the Michelin star chef, Naoelle d’Hainaut. The space was designed to be luminous and welcoming, with exceptional views yet still a sense of intimacy.

The gentle aura of Vertigo Nova suspensions helps to create light wells that, as Constance Guisset describes, shape the space between “sky and sea”.


Climb aboard and be amazed by the uniqueness of the aquatic-like space as you explore the restaurant’s menu at any time from midday to midnight, Monday through Sunday.




ERNEST La Samaritaine

25 rue de la Monnaie

75001 Paris

Ernest - Petite Friture - Vertigo Nova Ernest - Petite Friture - Vertigo Nova
Ernest - vertigo Nova - Constance Guisset Ernest - vertigo Nova - Constance Guisset
Vertigo Nova Collection
  • Vertigo Nova Noir

    Verigo Nova Pendant - Small

  • Potence Vertigo Nova

    Vertigo Nova - Wall lamp

  • VERTIGO NOVA - Suspension

    Verigo Nova Pendant - Medium

  • Suspension Vertigo Nova

    Verigo Nova Pendant - Large

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