Unseen and Francis in residence in Claude Cartier’s Inside Apartment



The elegance of the Unseen pendant lamps and the finesse of the Francis mirror, beautifully spotlighted in Claude Cartier’s Inside apartment.


To mark the 40th anniversary of her showroom in Lyon, France, Claude Cartier presents her Inside Apartment – a window into her work and collaborations. The scrupulously elegant staging only further asserts the interior designer’s chromatic mastery.


In the spacious 100m² apartment, Claude Cartier has compiled high-end pieces to create utterly unique living spaces presented in a bold style.


Two collections by Petite Friture were selected to feature in this elaborate venue and its audacious, tableau-like, compositions. Studiopepe’s O, J, and U Unseen pendant lamps adorn the foyer of the showroom apartment, opening the way for guests to explore the place. The geometric shapes of the LED pendant lamps echo the chequered floor tiles.


In the office, the blue and yellow watercolour-inspired XL Francis mirror by Constance Guisset invites viewers to indulge in a moment of reverie and meditation. The mirror’s touches of blue blend in perfectly with the warmer, slightly orange tones of the office quarter.


Photos by Vincent Leroux – appartement Inside – C. Cartier

Unseen - appartement inside - Claude Cartier Unseen - appartement inside - Claude Cartier
Miroir Francis - Claude Cartier Miroir Francis - Claude Cartier
Unseen - Claude Cartier Unseen - Claude Cartier
  • miroir Francis - Constance GUISSET

    Francis Extra Large Mirror

  • Unseen suspension O - Studiopepe

    Pendant lamp O Unseen

  • Unseen suspension U - Studiopepe

    Pendant lamp U Unseen

  • Unseen suspension J - Studiopepe

    Pendant lamp J Unseen

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