Brush Large Pendant Light - Beetle

Price $1,655.00

Vertigo Medium Pendant light - Black

Price $1,465.00

Vertigo Nova Medium Pendant lamp - Black/White

Price $2,145.00

Vertigo Small Pendant Light - Black

Price $1,295.00

Vertigo Large Pendant light - Black

Price $1,695.00

Vertigo Large Pendant light - Beetle

Price $1,695.00

Vertigo Large Pendant light - Cobalt

Price $1,695.00

Vertigo Medium Pendant light - Copper

Price $1,465.00

Vertigo Nova Medium Pendant lamp - White

Price $2,145.00

Cherry Large Pendant light - White

Price $990.00

Cherry Large Pendant light - Black

Price $990.00

How do I choose my designer light?

Choose your light according to where it will go.

• For a large space:
It is better to have multiple light sources: one main light paired with accent lights. For example, light a spacious room with a suspension light and one or more standing lamps like the Vertigo Nova floor lamp. This designer light is dimmable and can be set in two different positions, it creates a beautiful island of light that forms areas of light and dark.
• For a space with high ceilings:
If the room you want to light has a beautifully high ceiling, suspension or chandelier type lights are ideal to bring the space alive. Unseen and Cherry LED chandeliers are prefect for decorating high ceilings with vibrant light that accentuates the extra height. If the room is vast, use the extra space to create a canopy of designer lights varying their size, as with the Vertigo Nova suspension in 110cm, 140cm, and 190cm. This configuration helps create a sense of volume and decorates a room with a touch of something unique and modern.

• For a small space:
Conversely, for small rooms, anything that adds visual weight to the ceiling is to be avoided. Designer wall-mounted lights like the Unseen ‘O’ wall lamp save space and create a stylish design for your home while adding a lot of light. In addition, a table lamp that casts light up like the Tidelight table lamp gives the room a sense of extra height. An LED floor lamp placed in the corner of a room also helps give a sense of greater floor area.

Every room has its own designer light
• For relaxing rooms such as a contemporary living room, a dimmer is always a worthy companion to modulate the desired light intensity and create the perfect ambience. As such, opt for dimmable lights like those in the Vertigo Nova collection. Moreover, accent lights can provide a warm and welcoming cocoon of light for a heightened sense of wellness. The graphic lines of the Unseen table lamp bring a feeling of well-being thanks to the gentle glow that it emits.

• For bedrooms, in addition to a main light, bedside lamps are a must have. The Mediterranea table lamp, with its elegant geometric patterns, is a perfect companion for reading long into the night. If you wish to enhance the overall look of your room with a designer light feature, frame your bed with two wall lights like the Unseen ‘O’ wall lights.

• For kitchens, suspension lights above a central island will provide functional lighting and contemporary feel. The modern and quirky Cherry LED lights with their linear suspension mechanism bring a playful touch to any kitchen bar area. For something wilder, So-Sage suspension lights that take after the classical French sausage, offer a bold take on décor while serving as a unique designer light.