Wander - Medium mirror H35.43Inch - Purple-Brown/red

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wander-miroir-mural-design-violet-rouge-brun-petite-friture wander-miroir-mural-violet-rouge-brun-petite-friture-avec-la-taille wander-miroir-mural-design-violet-rouge-brun-petite-friture-sur-le-cote
  • wander-miroir-mural-design-violet-rouge-brun-petite-friture
  • wander-miroir-mural-violet-rouge-brun-petite-friture-avec-la-taille
  • wander-miroir-mural-design-violet-rouge-brun-petite-friture-sur-le-cote


Medium mirror H35.43Inch - Purple-Brown/red
AC/AL Studio

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Color : Purple - Brown-Red

Wander Medium mirror - Purple-Brown-/red

The wall mirrors of the Wander collection are the fruit of a free-flow undertaking. Initially a painting and collage project, the Wander collection offers a mind-drifting experience thanks to its visual, graphical and playful designs. The idea behind the collection is to provide a window out onto a lighter and more joyful world. 

The medium-sized wall mirror comes in:

·       2 mirror shapes
·       3 colour compositions

It has an invisible hanging system that lifts the mirror 2 centimetres off the wall, creating a levitating effect. The gap between the colourful glass and the wall creates a halo reflection.

The medium-sized Wander wall mirror is versatile and can be positioned vertically and horizontally to decorate interiors.

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Mirrored glass, Colored glass


  • Integrated invisible wall mounting system that allows a position of the mirror 2cm from the wall
  • Screws and dowels not supplied

H: 90 cm l 35,43 inch
L: 67 cm l 26,38 inch 
Weight: 9 kg l 19,84 lb

L: 94 cm | 37,01 inch
W: 71 cm | 27,95 inch
H: 11 cm | 1,57 inch
Weight: 11 kg | 24,25 lb

Cleaning with a microfiber cloth and adapted glass product

Wander Wander
Collection Wander
AC/AL Studio

After graduating from ENSCI-Les Ateliers, Amandine Chhor and Aïssa Logerot kick-started their careers working in architecture and design studios for five years, as well as for companies such as Hermès. Between 2009 and 2012, they collaborated on contemporary design projects, using sustainable artisanal techniques, in developing countries such as Cambodia, Morocco and Cameroon. The duo founded their own design studio in Paris in 2013, with the aim of creating objects that tell a story and achieve a perfect balance between function, form and production technique. Passionate about materials, arts and crafts, and industrial manufacturing processes, they design products and furniture that are functional yet simplistic.

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Wander wall mirrors combine complexity and eccentricity

The transparent glass of the Wander wall mirrors features a meticulously executed bicolour print.

The colour associations of the Wander wall mirror collection are perfectly in line with Petite Friture’s identity: a bold colour demonstrating personality, and a complementary colour that suggests elegance and subtleness.

When several mirrors are displayed together, they make up a mosaic of filled and empty spaces.

The Wander collection’s colourful medium-sized mirrors brighten up bathrooms, bedrooms, and lounge interiors. The collection’s colours confer on the mirrors both an ornamental purpose and stylish functionality.