Mediterranea Pendant Light Sculpts Light at Xo Hotel



A project of the HA! Agency, the XO hotel is an elegant Parisian address notes nestled in the heart of the 17th district.


She offers these guests the opportunity to share an experience around wines and spirits. One of the key points is therefore the tasting room. To offer a universe in line with the hotel’s promise, the HA! imagined an esoteric atmosphere worthy of old cellars.


To dress up the bar in a dress of light, the choice fell on Mediterranea pendant light by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance in brass. Its perforated metal sheet directs the light and sifts the atmosphere, providing a setting conducive to tasting.



Hôtel XO
25 Rue Théodore de Banville
75017 Paris

Mediterranea - suspension design
Collection Mediterranea
  • Suspension Mediterranea dimmable 1m

  • Suspensions Mediterranea dimmables 1m et 1,6m

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