Studio Fairly concepteur d'espace Studio Fairly concepteur d'espace

3 questions to Studio Fairly, a space design studio specialised in creating responsible and sustainable concepts




Sustainability and eco-design seem to be at the heart of your business approach. Can you tell us more about this strategy?


Since we created the studio in 2018, our aim has been to spotlight responsible designing. The way we perceive eco-design undoubtedly builds on prioritising innovative materials, but also on developing trust and transparency with partners involved in our projects throughout the year.

Terrasse-Santa-Lyna-studio-Fairly Terrasse-Santa-Lyna-studio-Fairly

We firmly believe that focusing on sustainability in the design process majorly contributes to reducing waste. Nowadays, there are enough innovative anti-waste solutions out there to be in a position to offer meaningful alternatives.

And spotlighting new-generation furnishing designers and materials creates a virtuous cycle. In other words, the more these new methods are showcased, the more they flourish, and the more widely these creations become accessible.

Pedagogy is central to Fairly’s business, so much so that we do what we can to develop best practices in the industry.

It is absolutely possible to produce fine pieces using quality materials, and our customers gladly and confidently embrace this approach.


What projects do you currently have in the pipeline?


We’re involved in a great variety of styles — something we value a lot.
We have a few ongoing catering projects like Santa Lyna (photos of the article) which include some really elaborate designs. We love to bend the boundaries of different styles to put forward bold, distinctive designs and offer unique experiences by providing customers with singular atmospheres.

From a retail perspective, we’ve been working on concepts for an organic tea brand as well as hearing aid boutiques. We’ve also been supporting major sports retailer Decathlon introduce a hybrid living space project in a Brittany-based store.

Last but not least, we’re lucky to have the opportunity to help Michelin reorganise their office spaces in Nantes, northwestern France.

It is absolutely possible to produce fine pieces using quality materials, and our customers gladly and confidently embrace this approach.



You favourite Petite Friture piece?


The Cherry ceiling lamps! We actually used them in our Sant Lyna project.We’re particularly fond of the extra soul they radiate — it strikes a fine balance between elegance and a touch of fun.We feel the character of the Cherry ceiling lamps is different with each colour they come in, and their compact dimensions brighten up spaces without being too overpowering. Definitely our favourite!

  • Restaurant Santa Lyna par studio Fairly

    Restaurant Santa Lyna - design by Studio Fairly

  • Cherry-suspensions-simple - petite Friture .jpg

    Cherry pendant lamp -single

  • Chaises week-end-empilées

    Stacked Week-end chairs

  • Chaise Week-end jaune Santa Lyna - credit The travel Bud

    Detail Week-end chair

  • Suspensions-Cherry-multiples - studio fairly

    Cherry pendant lights - 3 pendants

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