Donut - Mug L H4.72 inch - Pistachio

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Mug L H4.72 inch - Pistachio
Pia Chevalier

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Donut Mug L - Pistachio

The Donut collection draws its inspiration from the world of baking. Designer Pia Chevalier arouses our senses with this collection of appetising cups and mugs. The pieces’ oversized handle imitates the shape of a doughnut and the enamelling echoes the flavour of the glazing.

Made in Portugal, the large Donut mug is 12cm high – the biggest and boldest piece of the collection. It is available in Vanilla and Pistachio only, and can be used both to enjoy a drink or as an object of decoration.

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Earthenware, white paste and glazd coating

Ø: 8cm | 3,14inch
L: 17 cm | 6,7inch
H : 12 cm I 4,72inch


  • Home-made artisanal appereance resukting from the use of distinctive moulds
  • Dishwaher and microwave safe

Europe :lead, Cadmium, Aluminium, Cobalt & Arsenic tests compliant with

Donut Donut
Collection Donut
Pia Chevalier

Independent designer Pia Chevalier trained at French Boulle school of fine arts and crafts and graduated in design and craftsmanship. She now has her own studio at the Orfèverie, where goldsmith company Christofle’s manufacturing outlet used to be based. In her creative process and in the composition of her pieces, designer Pia Chevalier lets spontaneity take over completely. 

Her work revolves around everyday objects, which she perceives as sculptures fitted with a power to create emotional connections. She makes her pieces lovable by conferring on them a certain sobriety.

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Donut is a celebration of everything inordinate

Its mugs and cups break away from conventional crockery designs and serve a purpose that is both practical and aesthetic.

The collection’s production process is well thought-out, providing protective packaging made out of recycled cardboard and water-based ink.